Engine Operations - Water on the Fire

engine operationsThe most important operation on the fireground

It is said, “The fire goes as the first line goes.” The proper hoseline selection and placement is paramount to a successful outcome on any fireground. Everyday, lives and property are saved as a result of these actions. Are you ready to make that selection? Do you know what you can flow? What are you and your fellow firefighters capable of?

In urban to suburban to rural settings a fires outcome is dependent upon that initial line flowing the required amount of GPM being stretched to the proper location and together with the proper application of the fire stream, quickly and effectively extinguishing the fire. Unfortunately, in many places, the finer points of this vital operation have fallen by the wayside and many of today’s firefighters do not understand flows and hoseline selection, nor do they have the confidence to effectively execute these operations.

The object of this hands on class is to demonstrate the importance of understanding flows, friction loss, nozzle reaction, nozzle and hoseline handling techniques as well as building the foundation from which to make the decisions when pulling up on “the big one” in the middle of the night. Whether you are from a large metro department or a rural volunteer organization, this class will present tips and techniques for every firefighter on every level to take with them when they go into battle. This will be a fast paced, aggressive and full contact class. Come prepared to work hard and learn. Students will need at a minimum full bunker gear with gloves and helmets.

Required gear: Full Structure Turnout Gear

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