Apparatus Maintenance Class 1 - Familiarization in Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Apparatus

P1010049This 4-hr education segment covers the maintenance, inspection, and familiarization of Fire Apparatus as described in NFPA, DOT, EVT and ASE in a format for Fire Department Engineers. The format includes the basic design and familiarization of fire apparatus truck systems, pump systems and electrical systems in a complete bumper to bumper format designed toward preventive maintenance and troubleshooting activities. This class is half interactive Power Point lecture and half “ hands on” acquaintance in, over, around and under with a firetruck.


Bob Allen

Bob is the Service Manager for Apparatus Equipment and Service in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He has been repairing fire equipment for over 32 years. From doing that for so many years, this allows him to be able to know a wide variety of makes of trucks. Have been a volunteer fire fighter 20 years and a EMT for the same time. From all of this experience, he is trying to spread the knowledge to others on helping them become better at what they do.

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